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Macodes Petola Gold

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Macodes petola

The petola macod, also known as the jewel orchid, is clearly one of our little favourites at What The Flower!

It's a small terrestrial orchid that grows in the low and mid-altitude forests of Malaysia and the Philippines.

It has a creeping, fleshy rhizome that gives rise to short stems bearing velvety dark green evergreen leaves veined with small shimmering golden flashes. 

The inflorescence usually appears in autumn. 

The petola macods will need a nice light without direct sunlight, loving heat and humidity it will feel perfectly at ease in a terrarium or under a bell.

As far as substrate is concerned, keep your sphagnum peat moss macodes cool without excess water.

If its foliage becomes lighter, it is probably because the light is too intense for it.