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Begonia Maculata Wightii

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Begonia maculata ‘wightii’

Begonia maculata 'wightii' is native to South America and is found in particular in Brazil. It is easily recognisable by its wing-shaped, dark green leaf with pearly white dots on the front and dark red back.

It belongs to the Begoniaceae family, which includes about 1500 botanical species and no less than 13000 cultivars!

Begonia maculata 'wightii' will need light exposure, avoiding direct sunlight. Its growth is very fast and it can quickly gain height, it is part of the begonias known as bambusiformes, so it will quickly need stakes so as not to bend under the weight of its foliage!

If you find your begonia a little too high and you want to give it a more bushy side, don't hesitate to prune it regularly so that it branches out and cuts off the sections that have been removed.

As for the substrate, a mixture of 50% potting soil, 40% white peat and 10% perlite will suit it perfectly.

This begonia needs a slightly fresh potting soil, water it well, then let the soil dry slightly on the surface.

It will only be necessary to mist if the air is very dry because its foliage does not appreciate excess humidity.

Don't forget to give it a regular supply of fertiliser on sunny days.